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Rope Ladder Manufacturer

Our aluminum rung rope ladders manufacturer is made of ISI marked polypropylene rope or polyamide nylon rope with aluminum rungs. These are available in 10 mm & 12 mm rope with standard aluminum rungs size 18 inches wide & 25 mm dia. Aluminum rungs are made of the best quality corrugated aluminum pipes.


  • Made of polyester webbing strap of 25 mm/50 mm width
  • Stronger than any other types of aluminum rungs ladder
  • Aluminum rungs size 1” dia x 12”/18” length
  • Distance between rungs 12” or 15”
  • On upper extremity straps have loops fitted with D ring/spring, hook/screw hook, or scaffolding hook as per requirement
  • The rungs are fitted in the loop formed by the stitching of the duplex polyester strap with the rivet.
  • Available in length of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 meters or as per specific requirements
  • Ideal for working in storage tanks, gas chambers, and at heights.
Rope Ladder Maufacturer

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Anti CorrosionYes
UsageFurnance Area,Fabrication, Fire Department, Construction
LengthAvailable in length of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 meter or as per specific requirements
Warranty1 year


We are a manufacturer of Rope Ladder Hire and providing on Hire in Chennai.
An aluminium rope ladder, Aluminum rungs rope ladder are widely used in construction and industries because of their lightweight and durability. They are more flam resistant than other materials like wood. Due to its lightweight compare to the wooden rungs ladder, it is very easy to carry and install an aluminium rung ladder. The aluminium rungs ladder, webbing strap aluminum ladder are also economical therefore preferred in the market. We are a leading manufacturer of different types of aluminum rung ladders made from polypropylene rope, polyamide nylon rope, and polyester webbing straps.


  • Made of ISI marked P.P. rope/Nylon rope
  • Available with 10mm & 12 mm rope
  • Rungs made of corrugated aluminum pipes of 25 mm dia available in one hole and three holes type.
  • Distance between rungs 12 or 15
  • On the upper extremity, each rope has spliced loop with a metal thimble and spring hooks. Also available with Scaffolding hooks.
  • Both ends of rungs are fitted with rubber bushes.
  • Available in length of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 meters or as per specific requirements
  • Ideal for working on heights at construction sites and industries.


Main Extrusion made up of Aluminium alloy ‘C’ Section 66 x 32 x3.18mm thickness of HE 30 grade T6 temper. Steps made up of 26mm x 3mm thickness Non slip, extra grip round corrugated fluted pipe steps. Aluminium alloy heavy duty box type Tiltable Tower Extension Ladder mounted on 4 nos. special type solid rubber tyre 12” x 3 ½ “ size wheeler. MS Channel trolley, provided with a top working platform of size: 18” x 22”, Tools tray of size: 18” x 10” – 2 nos, Gear winch 1no. for extension & lowering purpose and another 1no. for tilting purpose, 4nos. screw type ground lock and tow bar handle. Aluminium reinforcement for extra safety & stability.

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