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Aluminium Gangway Ladder

Aluminum Gangway ladder for marine is highly used in shipping industries for heavy usage of materials as well as passengers. Made as per the custom based requirements. These are light in weight, easily movable, and long lasting. it is available in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

Marine Aluminium Gangway Ladders

Aluminium gangway ladder

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Ladder Type Step Ladder
Anodised Yes
Dimensions All
Weight Standard


  • Aluminum Gangway ladder of aluminum ‘C section of size 2.”5/8,”‘ x 1.’1/4″
  • The structure consists of three number ‘C’ sections duly joined as under
  • The upper two ‘C’ sections are joined together and the lower C sections are also joined but at a distance of 8~10 inch apart
  • On the top portion of the ‘C’ section checkered sheet of 3 mm thick is mounted on aluminum pipes of I-Inch dia at a distance of 12-inch center to center
  • The Aluminium gangway ladder is also provided on both sides by railings of 3/4 Inch MS round pipe which are collapsible
  • On the front end of the gangway, round MS hooks are provided and at the bottom end of the gangway, an axle is provided with two numbers Polymer wheels of 12-inch dia.
  • The width of the gangway is 24-inch standard. The sizes are available from 12 ft to 24 ft. Also available in custom based sizes


  • Reasonable prices
  • Best grade material
  • High performance


Aluminium Gangway Ladders


Specialized ladders called aluminium gangway ladders are used to access ships and boats from a dock or pier. We are made to be strong, light, and corrosion-resistant, which makes them perfect for use in marine settings. To enhance safety and stability while boarding or disembarking from a vessel, gangway ladders normally have a non-slip surface and strong handrails.

Aluminum gangway ladders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various vessel types and docking configurations. In addition to having hinges or swivel joints, we can be fixed or adjustable in length to meet shifting water levels or vessel movements.


Overall, aluminium gangway ladders offer a secure and effective means of getting on and off boats and ships. We are a useful resource for all marine workers, such as fisherman, sailors, and port employees.

aluminium gangway ladder

A specialty ladder made for accessing boats or ships from a dock or pier is known as an aluminium gangway ladder. The ladder normally has a non-slip surface, strong handrails, and is built of lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium to provide safety and stability when boarding or disembarking from a ship. The length of gangway ladders can be fixed or adjustable, and some variants may additionally have hinges or swivel joints to handle changes in water levels or vessel movements. Gangway ladders are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Fishermen, sailors, and port employees frequently use aluminium gangway ladders in the marine industry. Particularly in choppy waters or bad weather, we offer a safe and effective way to board and disembark from boats and ships. Moreover, certain gangway ladders may include add-on features like self-leveling treads, detachable railings, and brackets that are specially made to accommodate particular boat or pier designs. All things considered, gangway ladders made of aluminium are a need for anybody who works in or near the sea environment.

aluminium ladder manufacturers in bangalore

There are several manufacturers of aluminum ladders in Bangalore. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • 360degree Global Equipments Pvt Ltd  – We offer a wide range of aluminum ladders, including self-supporting ladders, extension ladders, and tower ladders.
  • Youngman India Pvt Ltd – They specialize in manufacturing high-quality aluminum ladders for industrial and domestic use.
  • Sagar Asia Private Limited – They offer a range of aluminum ladders, including single ladders, double-sided ladders, and extension ladders.
  • Alco Aluminium Ladders – They are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of aluminum ladders, including industrial ladders, tiltable tower ladders, and aluminum scaffoldings.
  • Swastik Ladders – They specialize in manufacturing high-quality aluminum ladders, including wall supporting ladders, extension ladders, and self-supporting ladders.

These are only a handful of the several aluminium ladder producers in Bangalore. A ladder that satisfies your unique needs and safety standards should be chosen by comparing features and pricing from several manufacturers.

marine aluminium gangway ladder

A specialty ladder created for use in the marine sector to enable access to ships or boats from a dock or pier is known as a marine aluminium gangway ladder. These ladders are composed of lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium and are specifically intended to survive the harsh marine environment.

Marine aluminium gangway ladders come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various vessel types and docking setups. In order to protect our safety and stability while boarding or disembarking from a vessel, we are normally furnished with a non-slip surface and strong handrails.


  • To adapt to changes in water levels or vessel movements, some marine aluminium gangway ladders have adjustable lengths and may have hinges or swivel joints.
  • We are a necessary tool for all marine employees, including sailors, fisherman, and port personnel.
  • A safe and effective means to access boats or ships from a dock or pier, marine aluminium gangway ladders are made to resist the harsh marine environment.
  • It’s crucial to pick a ladder that accommodates both your budget and your unique needs while also meeting safety standards.

ladder aluminium near me

  • You can use a variety of online tools, such as search engines, company directories, or online marketplaces, to find possibilities for renting or buying aluminium ladders close to where you are.
  • Google Maps is one of the most well-liked web resources where you can look up “aluminium ladder” close to where you are.
  • This will present a list of companies who rent or sell aluminium ladders, along with their contact details, rankings, and reviews.
  • Another choice is to browse and buy aluminium ladders online through internet stores like Amazon, Home Depot, or Lowe’s. For your convenience, these companies may also give customer reviews and ratings in addition to a variety of ladder sizes, styles, and pricing.

Finally, you might investigate if there are any local hardware or tool rental shops in your region that provide options for renting aluminium ladders. This may be a practical and economical approach to get the tools you need for your project or business.

ladder aluminium near me

You’re in luck if you need an aluminium ladder and want to locate one nearby. You can find options for renting or buying an aluminium ladder in your region using a variety of resources.

Our selection of high-quality aluminium ladders at 360 Degree Global Equipments Pvt Ltd is made to accommodate the requirements of diverse markets and uses. Our products, which range from lightweight step ladders to sturdy extension ladders, are made to resist the rigours of daily use and offer dependable access to elevated regions.

To find an aluminum ladder near you, here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Online searches using search engines or company directories are one of the greatest ways to find an aluminium ladder nearby. To locate nearby companies that provide this equipment, try searching for “aluminium ladder near me” or “aluminium ladder rental.”
  2. Verify with nearby hardware or tool rental businesses: Aluminum ladders are available for rent or purchase at many hardware stores and tool rental businesses. To make it simple for you to get the equipment you require, some businesses may also offer delivery and pickup services.
  3. Request referrals: If you know of someone who has recently rented or bought an aluminium ladder, ask them for their advice. They might be able to recommend a dependable vendor or provide you advice on how to operate the equipment securely.
  4. Go through internet stores: A variety of aluminium ladders are available from online stores like Amazon or Home Depot, and they may be delivered right to your house or place of business. You can read reviews from other customers to help you make an informed decision.

We at 360 Degree Global Equipments Pvt Ltd are dedicated to offering affordable, dependable equipment to our customers. Get in touch with us right away to locate the ideal aluminium ladder for your needs and to learn more about our rental and purchase options.


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