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Step Ladder

Step ladder, a self-supporting portable ladder. Step ladders have flat steps and a hinged back. It is very useful for house and construction Purpose Then it is rust resistance then we can able to adjust the heights. it is available in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad. It is avail at the lowest price. we offer Aluminium oil and cement ladders such as Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders, Aluminium Mobile Tower Scaffolding, Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding, Mobile Scaffold Tower and Scaffold with Stairway, roof ladder, wall support ladder, Wall Support Extendable Ladder, Aluminium Self Supporting Cum Extension Ladder. oil tank ladder, gangway ladder. Aluminium wall supporting ladder.

The Step ladder can be converted into different shapes to provide multi utility. Converts into almost 25% of the open size and facilitates great portability. the cost of the ladder is affordable. then we offer a roof ladder, step ladder, gangway ladder, oil tank ladder, rope ladder, mobile tower ladder, etc… then the Folding multi purpose ladder is available across India. the cost of the Folding multi purpose ladder is an affordable price.

These Aluminium ladders in Chennai supplier systems can be assembled faster and they are cost-effective. They are rustproof, easy to maintain and less labor oriented. we provide Aluminium scaffolding providing rental services also. these products are very compact, secured, and safe. Aluminium Scaffolds or Aluminium Scaffold Towers or Mobile Scaffold Towers or Aluminium Work Platforms as they are called are safe elevated work solutions. These systems can be assembled faster and they are cost-effective. They are rustproof, easy to maintain and less labor oriented.

Step Ladder

Step Ladder

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Dimensions (l x b x h)Double Width 2m Length, Width 1.4 m Single Width lemgth 2M, Width 0.7M
Weight5 KG Variable
TechniqueHot Rolled


We are a manufacturer of step Ladder Rental Services and Providing rental services also in Chennai, It is a kind of ladder which can be extended to a maximum height which is based on customer requirement we do customization apart from the standard model. It can be used for any kind of height works, mostly it used in industries. Aluminum ladder in Coimbatore. Multipurpose Portable Platform Ladder Aluminium Folding  Ladder, High Quality Aluminum 10 Meter Ladder Portable ladder Wide Step Folding ladder. 6M Flexible Scaffold Aluminum Extrusion Trestle Ladder Folding Trestle Aluminum ladder .6m flexible scaffold aluminum extrusion trestle ladder .aluminum trestle ladder. Aluminium High Quality Multi Purpose Trestle Ladder .aluminum double side step stool ladder . Aluminium trestle, Aluminium stool ladder, narrow step ladder.

Features :

  • Main extrusion made up of aluminum alloy ‘c’ section 66 x 32 x 3. 18mm thickness of the 30 grade t6 temper.
  • Hidalco make: step made up of 26mm x 3 mm thickness
  • Nonslip,
  • Extra grip checked sheet steps
  • High quality polymer wheels mounted on an ms trolley along with a brake.
  • Step size 24” x 24” along with
  • Two side safety handrails for steps & three side safety handrails for the top platform
  • Maximum working load: 240 kgs

Available height:

  • Minimum 4 feet – maximum 20 feet

Available types:

  • Ms trolly section
  • Aluminium trolley section
  • Note: 12 Months Warranty

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