Degree Tower Ladder 3-Sliding - ZIDT3

Industrial Use Hire
  • Suits for various degree access usage and Horizontally Tiltable mechanism model in resting position with 2 and 3 sliding options. 
  • Main sections made from ‘C’ section 66.6mm X 32mm X 3.18mm thick and steps 26mm dia non slip corrugated fluted pipe permanent punching in machine fitted with MS painted base trolley Solid rubber wheels with parking jack rods.
  • Heavy duty manual winch gear box for tilting and height adjustments, tool tray, and cage platform covered with aluminium checkered sheet
  • Thick steel rope with pulley arrangement and attached with towing bar handle.
  • It can also be fixed in vehicles (optional)
  • Available Height: Minimum 8 feet - Maximum 62 feet
  • BS EN 131 & BS 2031 Certified

Degree Tower Ladder 3-Sliding

Aluminium ladder manufacturer and supplier in India. Degree Tower ladders that are manufactured of high quality aluminium alloy. Platform fitted with guard rail, tool tray, M.S. Trolley base with a pair of fixed wheels and swivel solid rubber wheels, rope, pulley.

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Product Code ZIDT3-1022 ZIDT3-1228 ZIDT3-1434 ZIDT3-1640 ZIDT3-1846 ZIDT3-2050 ZIDT3-2256 ZIDT3-2462
Ladder Closing Height 13.7 feet 13.9 feet 18.4 feet 19.6 feet 22.1 feet 24.5 feet 26.5 feet 28.6 feet
Maximum Extension Height 22 feet 28 feet 34 feet 40 feet 46 feet 50 feet 56 feet 62 feet
Platform Height 19 feet 25 feet 31 feet 37 feet 43 feet 47 feet 53 feet 59 feet
Trolley Width 4.7 feet 4.7feet 5.3 feet 5.3 feet 5.3 feet 5.3 feet 5.3 feet 5.3 feet
Trolley Height in Resting Position 8.2 feet 8.2 feet 9.9 feet 9.9 feet 9.9 feet 10.7 feet 10.7 feet 10.7 feet
Safe Working Load 180 kg 180 kg 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg

Degree Tower Ladder 3-Sliding

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