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buy double width scaffolding in Tamil Nadu. manufacturer, supplier, and rental services in Tamil Nadu across India. Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad. are the leading manufacturer and supplier companies in Chennai across India. We are Leading customized scaffolding ladder price in Tamil Nadu, stairway Aluminium scaffolding ladder system, aluminum scaffolding tower, aluminum mobile scaffolding tower, mobile scaffolding ladder, and alloy scaffold tower. This aluminum scaffolding ladder in Chennai is very useful for climbing the top of the building and we can a be to reach the desired heights through this buy double width scaffolding. then it is protective and safe. the buy double width scaffolding ladder made up of Aluminium. Ladders are known for their versatility and simplicity. We have Ladders that could satisfy clients from the Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, and Corporate sectors in Tamil Nadu.

If you’re looking to hire or purchase high-quality Aluminium scaffolding in Chennai, you’re in the right place Zebrik Aluminium private Ltd provides the quick efficient answer in almost every situation where a secure lightweight work platform is required to reach an elevated work site.  Our Aluminium ladders are proven strong and durable, yet light in weight.  They lock together without tools to form a structure that is quick to erect and easy to dismantle.

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double width scaffolding

buy double width scaffolding manufacturer and suppliers of the highly sophisticated scaffolding ladders in Tamil Nadu to its applications. The dimensional accuracy of this product is commendable which enables the user to achieve the satisfaction of the highest levels. Our Aluminum ladder supplier in Chennai has been designed keeping in mind the various applications it has been built. This product is highly durable and exhibits a great deal of accuracy in terms of its functionality. We have ensured that the price of this product is nominal and well within the reach of our clients which are widely appreciated.

Buy Double Width Scaffolding

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
DimensionScaffold Width-1.35 M, Scaffold Length-2.00 M Platform Height-3.50 M To 14.10 M
Surface TypeHot Dipped Galvanized


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We offer aluminum mobile scaffolding for rent on a weekly or monthly basis in the UAE. As a renowned scaffolding company, we strive to maintain our position as the most efficient aluminum tower mobile scaffolding supplier. The reason why many construction and real estate owners have chosen to rent scaffolding from InstaFit aluminum mobile scaffolding is that not only are they completely affordable, but they are also easy to use and do no harm when used with care.
Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Single Width Folding Tower Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Single Width Folding Tower Ascend offers a single width folding scaffold which is especially suitable for indoor work. Aluminum movable ladders increase flexibility and cost-effectiveness while multiplying the working space by several times. If you need a lightweight construction, aluminum is the best material, you can easily move this type of scaffolding due to its lightness.

Scaffolding Services:

Our company provides the most important service, rental scaffolding at unbeatable prices. Scaffolding Leveling Jacks 18″* Call us with any questions about ladder and scaffolding rentals. Browse our extensive online rental directory to rent a ladder or call us today .In addition to providing scaffolding, we also provide a full range of related products and services.
However, the load bearing capacity of aluminum mobile scaffolding is often discussed by the public. Thus, we have been recognized as the best scaffold rental company in the industry in India. We provide excellent service and support before, during and after the job. The best scaffolding equipment in the industry.

By providing the best scaffolding for rent, we support building a future that will make you successful. We can offer same day delivery to your home and have a skilled construction team ready to install your scaffolding if needed. We offer rental of mobile ladders for rental services in Chennai and supply our products all over South India for rental.

As part of the manufacturing process, this ensures structural strength and rigidity, keeping our scaffolding stable in all weather conditions. All of these elevators and scaffolding are designed and manufactured using superior quality raw materials sourced from trusted vendors. Our customers have the advantage of using the most modern scaffolding. Made from durable yet incredibly lightweight aluminium, our mobile towers can be designed to your specific needs and most configurations are readily available straight from stock.


  • All pipes are made up of aluminum alloy he 30 grade t6 temper.
  • Step made up of 50mm od 2.5mm
  • Thickness h frame height 2000mm
  • Width 1350 mm cabin height 1000mm
  • Width 1350 mm
  • Platform size 580mm x 1690 mm with aluminum chequred sheet stairway tube size 25mm x 75mm Height 2500mm 8 steps width 3 “hand rails / horizontal bar/ diagonal bar dia 50mm x 2mm thickness gi “u” clamp,
  • Nylon wheels with foot brake systems outer trigger for four side corner (if necessary) nonslip,
  • Extra grip flat corrugated mullion steps high quality leg grip chequered sheet for top of the platform
  • Maximum working load: 270 kgs

Platform Size:

  • 2 meter x 1.350 meter

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set(s)

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